Treatment for Skin Lesions on FeetA lesion of the lower extremity is a condition (growth, injury, patch,  reaction, etc.) of the skin that develops which does not resemble the skin surrounding it.

Lesions of the skin can vary greatly and can cover a vast spectrum of etiologies.  They can often be painful, contagious, or a sign of an undiagnosed or another underlying problem.

A lesion can be classified as stemming from, but not limited to, the following:

  • Physical pressure (pressure sores, corns, and calluses)
  • Trauma (chemical, thermal, excessive friction)
  • Fungal infections (athlete’s foot, nail fungus)
  • Bacterial infections (Staphylococcus, Streptococcus)
  • Viral lesions (warts, herpes)
  • Autoimmune lesions (psoriasis, lupus)
  • Tumors (Benign as well as cancerous)
  • Allergic reactions (poison ivy, certain metals, latex)
  • Insect / animal bites
  • Genetic lesions, or with a genetic component (excessive scarring, excessive sweating, blistering)
  • Systemic diseases (Diabetes, Gout)
  • Vascular (varicose veins, gangrene)

Foot lesions, in particular, can be very troublesome because of the increased pressure and weight to the area, as well as greater difficulty in getting them to heal.  This is especially concerning in the diabetic population where sensation and circulation are often compromised.  We do offer total contact casting as a therapy for diabetic foot wounds of the feet that are difficult to heal.

If you believe you have such a lesion or are concerned about a change to your skin that you cannot explain, please give the Foot Specialists of Greater Cincinnati a call at (859) 341-9900 and make an appointment.  We’d be happy to try and help you resolve your problem!