Dr. Charles Tirone, DPM of the Foot Specialists of Greater Cincinnati specializes in the removal of corns and calluses to reduce foot discomfort which occurs over time.  This pain can hamper simple daily activities including walking and running.

What is a corn or callus?

Treatment of corns and calluses at the Foot Specialists of Greater CincinnatiA callus or corn is a build-up of skin that forms at the point of pressure or over bony prominences. Calluses form on the bottom side of the foot, while corns form on the top of the foot and between the toes.

How are corn and calluses treated?

The physicians at the Foot Specialists of Greater Cincinnati will examine your feet and should be able to diagnose your condition and get you back on your feet. A simple change of your shoe type, size, or even brand can assist in clearing up and preventing mild corns and calluses from returning. The following home remedies have been useful in eliminating mild corns and calluses *:

  • Padding: To protect the area where the corn is located, you can use small pads that shield the area from friction.
  • Filing: Gently rubbing a pumice stone or over the corns and calluses following a shower or before bed can assist in eliminating the thickened skin. A callus file also is an excellent tool to eliminate the dead skin.
  • Custom orthotic inserts:  A custom shoe insert can be designed to offload pressure to the area of the foot where the corn / callous resides, and thereby alleviate the pain from the lesion. This is particularly useful when surgery is not an option or is not desired.
  • Surgery:  Sometimes a corn or callus results from a bone deformity that places undue pressure and stress to an area of the foot, resulting in the formation of the lesion.  Occasionally surgical intervention is necessary to relieve the bone prominence, and thereby alleviate the painful corn/callus.

Larger corns and calluses may have to be surgically reduced. Our physicians use a special tool to carefully shave away the thickened or dead skin—similar to how a pumice stone works, but much more effective. The procedure is painless and is usually completed on an outpatient basis.

If you have a corn or callus, the Foot Specialists of Greater Cincinnati can help. Call us today at (859) 341-9900 and make an appointment at one of our two office locations so that we can properly treat your corn or callous and make your shoes comfortable again!


* If you are diabetic and/or suffer from peripheral neuropathy, please be cautious with using callous removers and tools used to remove them.  Lack of sensation of the foot can predispose the skin to excessive pressure or trauma, resulting in breakdown and infection.  It is often best to leave such care to professionals so as to avoid unwanted complications.