Chronic Foot Fatigue - Foot Specialists of Greater CincinnatiChronic Foot Fatigue” is a condition that is often seen in patients who have jobs or activities that require prolonged standing or walking.  Generally, the patient possesses a structural problem, or bio-mechanical insufficiency (such as Arthritis or Flat Feet) with their foot, that leads them using more muscle and strength to perform an activity that would otherwise not be required.  This can be further complicated with increased weight gain, poor circulation, numbness to the feet, and other medical conditions.

Fatigue will set in prematurely to the feet during work, and at the end of the day, their foot is “working overtime”, resulting in increased pain, swelling, inflammation, and loss of stamina. This is often seen in such individuals that have to work on hard surfaces (such as concrete) for prolonged periods of time.  Such individuals are often employees who work in a warehouse, at the airport, food service industry, retail, hairdressers, teaching, mail carriers, etc.

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